Client Stories

Leadership coaching

Reduce "time-to-productive" for leaders new to their role

Client: Global pharmaceuticals company

Client's Challenge: We are growing rapidly, facing significant strategic change as our product line expands and how we go to market gets more complex. We are bringing in lots of new people, and are promoting our people into new roles. How do we get them up-to-speed quickly? How do we reduce the risk of these people failing in their new roles? How do we protect the investments we've made in finding and recruiting these people?

Approach: Our client selected a small core of executive coaches to learn and apply a common, company-specific set of tools on how to succeed in new roles. In focused 2-3 month engagements, we helped clients assess their situation and develop their first 90 days plan for learning, building relationships, assessing their team and setting their agenda. Then, through on-site and over-the-phone coaching, we helped clients problem-solve and course-correct as they implemented their plans.

Outcomes: Over a two year period we have coached over 20 leaders as they entered new roles at the company. Referrals led to new assignments. Several coachees have since been promoted again, and turned to us to help accelerate their transition into their next new role.

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