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Client: Global chemicals business

Client's Challenge: We have some of the best technologists in the world, but they are not well connected to one another or the commercial people. How can we get them more connected to the business strategy, and get their best thinking on how their technology can shape that strategy going forward? How can we accelerate sharing of knowledge across geographies and technical specialities?

Approach: Working closely with our client team, we designed a three day technology strategy conference, attended by 60 technologists, commercial executives, and business unit leaders. Through a carefully crafted series of small group conversations and creative "report-out" methods, important questions were raised to decision makers who needed to consider them, new opportunities were surfaced, and consensus was tested on the emerging central insights of the conference. Because we had consulted with Business Unit management team prior to the conference about how to integrate the conference into their own decision process, the team was given private time near the end of the conference to consider what they had learned, and make some agreements about strategic choices and next steps. They then discussed these agreements and next steps with the larger group before the conference concluded.

Outcomes: Capital was re-allocated to the most promising projects, and everyone understood why. Projects that had languished, but still drew budget, were terminated, freeing up resources to focus where their talent was needed. Relationships were built across continents and functional lines. The increased focus and commitment brought new technologies into commercial use faster. Three years later, when the need to revisit technology strategy arose again, our client re-engaged us to design and facilitate a similar conference, which we did, with similar success.

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