Our Services

Management team off-sites and workshops

When clients want to pull their extended leadership teams together—to consider changes in the business, build cross-functional alignment, test strategy options, strengthen commitment to strategy, or make connections for sharing know-how—they look to us to help them define, design, and facilitate these meetings. We partner closely with our clients in preparing for these meetings, assuring that client leaders feel they own the process—before, during, and after the meeting. We don't deliver "one-off" events. We assure that client meetings are integrated into how clients run their business.

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Increase commitment to strategy
Move good ideas to the people who can use them... faster

Executive education

We design and deliver executive education that helps our clients deepen their leaders' understanding of strategy, increase their commitment to the strategy, and build the relationships that help them execute the strategy. Clients also have us design and deliver learning that helps leaders better understand their roles and the company, and learning that helps leaders move know-how more rapidly from those who have it to those who need it.

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Deepen the pool of leaders ready to take on new challenges

Leadership coaching

Leaders new to the company, or new to a role, face high expectations, a steep learning curve, and risk getting "derailed" before they ever make real contributions. To reduce this risk and to shorten the time in which the new leader starts having a positive impact, clients engage us to coach their leaders through these critical first months on the job. Combining the best available tools and frameworks with our years of experience with such transitions, we help our clients assess their situation, build a plan, and execute it.

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Reduce "time-to-productive" for leaders new to their role